Rowe Morehouse: Rockstar Makeover

Rockstar Makeover featuring Rowe Morehouse, CEO of

Other projects by Kevin Faircourt

LUV the Film at Sundance
LUV was written and directed by Sheldon Candis. Starring Common, Michael Rainey Jr, Megan Goode and Danny Glover.
This is the rare release of a uniquely sequenced batch of styled portraits by fashion photographer, Kevin Faircourt. The model is hand painted and the models wardrobe is hand made by fashion designer, Karta Alba.
A collection of Women's Styles from 2011. Hairstyling, Make Up, Creative Direction & Photography by Kevin J. Faircourt.
Jonas & Malin Couples Makeover
Photo/Video Editorial featuring Jonas & Malin at Salon Viva. Hairstyling, Fashion Styling & Photography by KJ Faircourt.
Beck Black Editorial at Jaxaa Rare Exotics, Topanga Cyn
During our exclusive interview with editorial photographer Kevin Faircourt, we learn that Beck Black comes from a long line of deeply rooted indigenous people. She whispers lovely tales with the breezy twist and turn of a drive down into the valley.
Feature Profile - David Faircourt
David Faircourt has a unique and powerful story. He is 30 year old artist suffering from one of the world's most tragic terminal illnesses.
Oana Gregory | Nationalist Magazine by Kevin Faircourt
Oana Gregory for Nationalist Magazine in Santa Monica, Ca. Photo Editorial by Kevin Faircourt.
This is Christine Adams.
Christine Adams for Kevin Faircourt.
This is Naila Ma
Naila Ma for Kevin Faircourt at Salon Viva. Haircut, Finish Styling, and Photography by Kevin Faircourt. Designer Head Piece by Elvis Pompillo
Matthew Prince for Nelson j Salon
Matthew Prince for Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills. Photographed by KJ Faircourt.