Matthew Prince for Nelson j Salon

Matthew Prince for Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills. Photographed by KJ Faircourt.

Hair by Richard Huertas. Nelsonj Salon 350 N Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, Ca, 90210, RSVP: 310.274.1553

Other projects by Kevin Faircourt

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Amanda Reich Rock Angel Photo Editorial
Danielle Zaugg delivers another set of wildly striking images with model Amanda Reich.
Sun Drenched in Santa Monica: Laura Via
Laura Via is Sun Drenched in Santa Monica. Photographs by Kevin Faircourt. Haircut & Color by Vanessa Dena.
Jack Koson is a Luxury Real Estate Developer. Photography & Filmmaking by Kevin Faircourt.
Executive Assistant Luxury Imports
The Enzo Ferrari is a million dollar car. It is very fast and very rare.
Oana Gregory | Nationalist Magazine by Kevin Faircourt
Oana Gregory for Nationalist Magazine in Santa Monica, Ca. Photo Editorial by Kevin Faircourt.
Feature Profile - David Faircourt
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Katherine Frazier Photo Editorial
Photo Editorial by KJ Faircourt. Hair & Make Up by Salon 9.
Chihuly has been recognized as the greatest of glass art. Faircourt Editorial visits his boutique gallery at the Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada. Photography by Kevin Faircourt.
This is Laura Via
This is Laura Via. Runway Model Laura Via visits Kevin Faircourt at Salon Viva for the Super Model Make-Over. Hairstyling and Photography by Kevin Faircourt.